The History Of Concrete

              Welcome to what we can thoughtfully called the history of concrete (or perhaps the more interesting title: Concrete: The Origin Story). In the paragraphs that follow we want to cover the most important aspects in the history and timeline of the amazing substance called concrete. Let’s get to the basics: first […]

Efflorescence in concrete

What Is Efflorescence Efflorescence appears as a white deposit of mineral salts on face of concrete or plaster walls and/or floors. It is caused by moisture moving through the concrete or plaster.   As the moisture enters and moves through the wall or floor, it dissolves mineral salts present in the cement.  This mineral salt solution […]

Concrete and Admixtures: Protect your concrete from moisture.

Many types of Concrete sealers are available that protect your concrete from the moisture as their prime function; also, there are few sealers which help restore the concrete damages occurring to & within them. These sealers can be: Admixer, Penetrating Sealers, Surface Coating sealers. Use of admixture barres the formation of capillaries and restrict passage […]

Concrete, porosity and solutions.

  When one talks about concrete, the word impenetrable barrier comes to our mind. Concrete is one of the impervious, composite man-made material consisting Cement, Aggregates & Water. Modern day concrete comes with addition of Admixtures to impose additional strength, imperviousness & work-ability to the concrete. With similar understanding, most developers/realtors & people choose concrete […]