To protect your buildings and structures from water seepage, damp, molds and other elemental degradation. We have high quality, environmentally friendly, waterproofing and coating system technologies. Our unique waterproofing methodology and solution based services has so far made us a leader in the Nigerian market. We provide specialized solutions for Roof Top Concretes & Metal Roof Coating, Water Tanks & Swimming Pools, Water Treatment Plants, Dams, Reservoirs, structural seal Leakage, Bathrooms etc… Our unique solutions guarantee life-long structural integrity.


Our floors and walkways are mostly exposed to harsh weather/elemental conditions and intense pedestrian/foot traffic and therefore need to be prepared and protected for the impact. We are experienced in executing durable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically finished floors and flooring solutions for diverse environments, including industrial buildings, residential homes, hospitals and Sport flooring. We provide several flooring systems including Epoxy flooring, Stamped concrete, Polyurethane flooring, self-leveling and paving stone installations and renovation, High quality Tiling etc.



WATECH specialized in solutions that enhance the capacity and quality of concrete used for diverse structures in different conditions. Our chemical applications and Material admixtures reduce permeability, increase cement strength and influence stronger bonding of building materials, therefore guaranteeing a reduced cost of construction and maintenance of buildings.

Our services also cover Property restoration and  Concrete Repairs.

And Including other wide array of unique services such as Roof decks, Gutters, Terraces, Basements, Roof Top Concrete, Remote Inspections, Masonry, Grouting, Expansion Joints maintenance.